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Open Circuit Control Systems


Sundstrand Sauer Hydrostatic Transmissions offers a Speed Sensing Control, which prevents prime mover excess by de-stroking the pump in reaction to a droop in prime mover speed. The control will routinely adjust the pump displacement in reply to a change in system load pressure.

Therefore, matching pump input torque requirement to the torque to be had from the prime mover. Control set speed is adjustable within speed range. The Open Circuit Control contains a basic Pressure Compensator and an optional Flow Compensator is available.


Sundstrand Sauer Hydrostatic Transmissions Torque Limiting Control confines pump input torque to a constant value. The control responds to a change in system pressure and mechanically regulates the pump displacement to preserve a factory set even torque value. Torque Limiting Control can also be used in a torque summing system, which allows two pumps to operate autonomously while limiting the sum of their own torques to a constant value. Each pump knows the system pressure of its partnered pump with no mechanical connections. The control contains an essential Pressure Compensator and an optional Flow Compensator is available.

List of features of the Torque Limiting Control offers:

  • Prevents prime mover halt when hydraulic horsepower exceeds prime mover potential
  • Torque setting is for all intents and purposes unaffected by prime mover speed
  • Offering a broad range of torque values
  • Best possible engine loading
  • Prevents engine lugging
  • Implents use of pumps with horsepower levels totaling more than prime mover power


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